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Quinceañera at Star Pass: Mariah

We are in synchronized mode again! The sky at sunset in the mountains was matching for Mariah’s quinceanera photo session with some beautiful pink and lavender pastel tones! It was a beautiful, dreamy sunset; We continue to be aligned with nature to coincide in everything we do, and the truth is that Mariah deserves it all. She is a very dedicated girl in school and her goal is to become a medical surgeon so she puts her all into school and is constantly making sacrifices to achieve that goal that she has set. Nothing distracts her or diverts her from the path that I am sure will lead her to conquer that dream. Congratulations to the Mendoza family for having such a beautiful, smart and kind daughter! May God continue to bless every step you take and you continue to climb steps, one by one with the determination you have.“ The ones who take the road less traveled are the ones who discover the extraordinary!”

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