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A Quinceañera story with beautiful session in Sedona Az.

Stories from this 2023! One more to share!You don't get the same moment twice in life. Each time is unique in our lives, and as such, we must treasure it

Quinceanera of the beautiful Vale. We traveled to the Sedona Arizona to do the photo shoot for Valeria at the beautiful Tlaquepaque plaza. We were able to capture her smile in the most unique backgrounds and the breathtaking views at the top of a hill. Her Sweet Fifteen took place at the lovely venue Salon El Mezquite in the south side of the city with an and luscious setting and surounded by all her family and friends. Her surprise dance put all the vibe at its peak and people were ready to start dancing and party all nigh long with DJ Tony and live music by Banda La Excepcional. What a fun Quinceañera!

Locations: Tlaquepaque Plaza, Tlaquepaque, Sedona, AZ and Salon El Mezquite, Tucson, AZ.

Make Up: Nora Robles

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